A smarter maintenance solution for your assets

For an emergency breakdown or scheduled maintenance, Coxons Group Australia provides you with a complete nosecone module for changeout.

A Nosecone Exchange is an all inclusive maintenance service that takes care of all your equipment’s heat exchange and cooling parts, designed to maximise your assets’ uptime and reduce disruption on site.


  • Entire cooling system changeouts carried out by specialists in ISO accredited workshops
  • A fully assembled nosecone module delivered straight to your site
  • Nosecone core returns can be overhauled and ready within days for the next changeout
  • Order one nosecone module instead of hundreds of parts

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reducing downtime for your mining equipment

Coxons Group was the first to market with Nosecone Exchange in 2016, providing our team with the most comprehensive skills to perform the highest quality nosecone exchange service in the market, whilst collaborating with our customers to provide solutions that perfectly meets their needs. The value of a Nosecone Exchange to operators centres around reducing strain on your fitters and maintenance staff, and eliminating the risk of jobs being delayed from major parts not being available – in turn, increasing your uptime.

Coxons Group services helps you work smarter and keeps your equipment moving for longer, with your replacement nosecone module being sent to your site to reduce the length of shutdown. For planned maintenance, we can work with you to guarantee availability. In emergency situations, we can usually dispatch the exchange component to your site as soon as possible.

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Nosecone modules we exchange

We provide a nosecone exchange service for a number of haul trucks, dozers, loaders, and graders. Our range is always growing and can be tailored to meet your fleet requirements.

Our dozer nosecones come fully assembled with the guard, radiator, aftercoolers, fan motor, fan, dual tilt manifold, doors, yokes, wiring harness, oil coolers, and header tank. Nosecones are tailored to your specific serial number and cooling arrangement, and the scope of the exchange module can also be modified to suit your requirements.

For a full list of nosecone modules we exchange or for advice about your machine, please contact us.

Part Name Serial Number
Caterpillar 797F Nosecone Module LAJ
Caterpillar 797B Cooling Module JSM
Caterpillar 793F Nosecone Module SSP
Caterpillar 793D Nosecone Module FDB
Caterpillar 777F Cooling Module JRP
Caterpillar D11T Nosecone Module AMA
Caterpillar D11T Nosecone Module GEB
Caterpillar D11R Nosecone Module 7PZ
Caterpillar D11R Nosecone Module – C32 7PZ
Caterpillar D10T Nosecone Module 529-UP RJG
Caterpillar D10T Nosecone Module 1-529 RJG
Caterpillar 24M Cooling Module B93
Caterpillar 16M Cooling Module R9H
Caterpillar 16H Cooling Module ATS

Nosecone exchange process

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Contact us to confirm the cooling component you need is available and verify the specifications required.

Component delivered

The exchange component is delivered to site prior to your shutdown.

Component changeout

Your fitters install the exchange component to your equipment.

Core return

Return the used component to our workshop for an overhaul. A condition report and final quote will be provided.

Rebuilt and ready to go

The component is rebuilt and ready for dispatch when you need it again.

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