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Fully equipped workshops allow Coxons Group to provide the most time and cost efficient solutions for any industrial oil cooler needs. Supply, service, repair, internal and external cleaning, flushing and pressure testing are all executed on site in our market leading workshops. As an authorised Mesabi Service Centre, our capabilities extend to overhaul and supply of the full range of Mesabi Oil Coolers.

A range of Oil Coolers for underground and mining applications, with recore and replacement supplies available for Oil Cooler failures.

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Oil Coolers provide the critical stage of cooling your equipments oil. Removing excess heat by continuously passing through a heat exchanger, in turn being cooled by water or air. Failure of an Oil Cooler can lead to failure of the engine, or cooling components.

Avoid contamination of the cooling system from a failing Oil Cooler, by scheduling regular servicing and pressure testing to ensure peak performance.

  • A major heat exchanger for your equipment.
  • Removes excess heat from your cooling system.
  • Oil Cooler failure can result in catastrophic engine failure.
  • Regular servicing and pressure testing of Oil Coolers is imperative.


Our team provides expert advice and services for oil coolers across all heavy industries. Our workshops are located in Mackay, Rockhampton and Singleton giving us the ability for exception speed to market in the Bowen Basin, Hunter Valley and beyond.

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