Protect your machinery from overheating

Industrial equipment often operates in harsh or corrosive environments where radiators are subject to damage and premature failure. At Coxons, we provide cooling solutions to improve the durability and performance of your industrial equipment.

We service, repair, and supply new replacement radiators and coolers for a huge range of construction equipment, including crushers, screeners and cranes, solving a range of issues such as premature failing and overheating. We also build custom solutions for your particular application where the OEM radiator is not suitable.

We offer many products and solutions that will prolong the life of your radiators, such as solder coating, dummy rows, corrosion resistant paints, and tank upgrades.

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Leading solutions for the industrial sector

At Coxons, our specialist knowledge combined with our industry experience has positioned us as the leading provider of cooling system solutions. We have more than 35 years of experience working with businesses in the industrial sector, and we have in-depth knowledge and expertise as a result.

Delays in production can be costly for your operations, which is why our team of specialists provide efficient maintenance services. We possess the capability, experience, tools and technologies to achieve a quick turnaround, minimising the downtime of your operational equipment.

  • Products with increased durability and improved performance.
  • Upgrade OEM radiators with aftermarket solutions
  • Technical expertise and industry knowledge