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General Electric

Radiator and cooling systems for General Electric locomotives

General Electric

GE services and overhauls for maximum performance

American-owned company General Electric has manufactured powerful locomotives for the rail industry for decades. Alongside providing diesel engine locomotives and radiators, the company also specialises in manufacturing diesel-electric trains, which offer supreme fuel efficiency and lowered carbon emissions.

  • A range of radiator upgrade options to increase performance output
  • Original manufacturing parts to update equipment
  • Industry-leading technology to support the rail industry

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General Electric heat exchange solutions for rail sites

At Coxons, we provide comprehensive service and overhauls for General Electric locomotives and radiator components.

Whether your engines need new OEM radiator parts or aftermarket upgrades, our team of ISO-certified technicians can restore your locomotives so your site experiences minimal downtime. We offer:

  • Fast turnaround on locomotive overhauls
  • Team of ISO-certified technical experts
  • Improve the durability of radiators and cooling systems
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Fast turnaround on GE 5000 class locomotive radiator

One of our valued clients sent us an urgent request — the radiator in a General Electric 5000 class locomotive needed to be stripped and serviced before a tight deadline.

Our team of expert technicians were able to strip and assess the radiator components rapidly, before conducting repairs and returning the radiator to the client. We completed these tasks in record time, so the client was able to resume business with minimal downtime.

The Coxons workshop


How fast can you help get my GE locomotive back up and running?

It depends on the type of service and repair required, but we always work as fast as we can, so you can get your site operating as normal. We get the job within time, and budget. If you'd like a more accurate quote for time, get in touch with our friendly team.

What does a service and overhaul involve for a General Electric radiator?

During an overhaul, our team will strip your radiator back to its bare components. We'll assess the condition of the parts, within budget and on time. We understand sometimes it's more financially beneficial to replace an entire radiator than to repair individual parts. That's why we'll always work with you to ensure you get the best value for your equipment, for the long-term.

Once we've made that assessment, and repaired your unit or replaced it, we will dispatch it and get it to your site as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times — we want to minimise any downtime at your work site.

What solutions do you offer for General Electric locomotives?

At Coxons, we can provide service and overhaul for:

  • Diesel-electric locomotives
  • Diesel engines
  • Radiators

In addition, we can provide engineering and parts manufacturing support for General Electric models.

Which cooling components can you replace?

We can provide upgrade or replacement options for GE radiators, and advise you on alternate solutions to your current equipment. For example, if you'd like to benefit from better fuel efficiency, or run trains with higher horsepower, we can help.

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Reduce the downtime of your fleet's industrial radiators. Talk to our technicians to find out how.

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