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Nosecone exchange

A smarter maintenance solution for your fleet

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Nosecone exchange

Our nosecone exchange service reduces downtime for your mining equipment

For an emergency breakdown or scheduled maintenance, we can send you a complete nosecone module for changeout. A nosecone exchange is an all inclusive maintenance service that takes care of all your equipment's heat exchange and cooling parts.

We have nosecone modules to suit a huge range of trucks, dozers, and graders. Your replacement nosecone module will be sent to your site, reducing the length of your shutdown. Work smarter with Coxons, and keep your equipment moving for longer.

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An innovative solution for fleet maintenance

A nosecone exchange is a smarter and safer maintenance solution for your mining fleet. It puts less of a strain on your fitters and maintenance staff. It eliminates the risk of any jobs being delayed from major parts not being available. It will speed up your maintenance.

  • Entire cooling system changeouts carried out by specialists in ISO accredited workshops
  • A fully assembled nosecone module delivered straight to your site
  • Nosecone core returns can be overhauled and ready for the next changeout within 5 days
  • Order one nosecone module instead of hundreds of parts
Nosecone exchange units

Nosecone modules we exchange

We provide a nosecone exchange service for a number of haul trucks, dozers and graders. Our range is always growing and can be tailored to meet your fleet requirements. Our haul truck nosecones come fully assembled as the entire cooling arrangement.

Our dozer nosecones come fully assembled with the guard, radiator, aftercoolers, fan motor, fan, dual tilt manifold, doors, yokes, wiring harness, oil coolers and header tank. Nosecones are tailored to your specific serial number and cooling arrangement, and the scope of the exchange module can also be modified to suit your requirements.

For a full list of nosecone modules we exchange or for advice about your machine, please contact us.

Part name
Serial number
Caterpillar 797F Nosecone Module
Caterpillar 797B Cooling Module
Caterpillar 793F Nosecone Module
Caterpillar 793D Nosecone Module
Caterpillar 777F Cooling Module
Caterpillar D11T Nosecone Module
Caterpillar D11T Nosecone Module
Caterpillar D11R Nosecone Module
Caterpillar D11R Nosecone Module - C32
Caterpillar D10T Nosecone Module 529-UP
Caterpillar D10T Nosecone Module 1-529
Caterpillar 24M Cooling Module
Caterpillar 16M Cooling Module
Caterpillar 16H Cooling Module

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Workshop hours:
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Coxons is ISO certified 

Environment ISO 9001
Environment ISO 14001
Health & Safety OHSAS 4801
Health & Safety OHSAS 4801

Our nosecone exchange process


Get in touch

Contact us to confirm the nosecone module you need is available and verify the specifications and scope.


Nosecone delivered

The exchange nosecone module is delivered to site prior to your shutdown.


Nosecone changeout

Your fitters install the exchange nosecone to your equipment.


Core return

Return the used nosecone module to our workshop for an overhaul. A condition report and final quote will be provided.


Rebuilt and ready to go

The nosecone module is rebuilt and ready for dispatch when you need it again.

Contact Coxons and discover a smarter way to handle equipment maintenance.

A nosecone exchange service you won't find anywhere else

Coxons is the only business in Australia to offer a true nosecone exchange service. Our range of available nosecones and cooling modules is unrivalled. We perform service magazine updates and can upgrade your truck or dozer to the latest cooling arrangement if required.

We can also overhaul your nosecone using exchange components, usually within 3 to 5 days. Overhauling your nosecone is beneficial when an exchange is unavailable, if you have labour shortages onsite or if you prefer to keep your own iron.

  • Reduce equipment downtime, resulting in huge cost saving
  • Minimise risks onsite
  • Maintain, upgrade, and standardise your fleet's nosecone modules
  • Work smarter by combining your maintenance strategies
Coxons dozer nosecone

Coxons were approached by BHP to exchange Caterpillar 797F nosecones for multiple mining sites. Our team were able to reduce shutdown time by 2 days, saving huge costs on equipment downtime for BHP.


Coxons overhauled a D11T nosecone module for Glencore in less than three days. This was achieved with our extended operating hours and access to exchange components including radiators and aftercoolers.


After an emergency breakdown, Coxons was approached to supply a Caterpillar D11T dozer nosecone to a BHP mining site. An exchange module was sent within 12 hours, achieving minimal downtime.


Coxons were approached to exchange multiple 793F nosecones for BHP's Goonyella Mine. Our exchange nosecones were custom built so BHP could standardise their trucks to match the latest Caterpillar updates.


A Thiess mining site used our parts exchange program to overhaul a fleet of 793F trucks. Industrial radiators were sent to the site and swapped out every three weeks, reducing costly downtime.

Reduce equipment downtime

Ask our technicians about how a nosecone exchange can drastically reduce your equipment downtime.

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Are genuine parts used to rebuild nosecone modules?

We use genuine parts for all nosecone rebuilds. This ensures your nosecone is rebuilt to or above OEM standards.

How fast can you send a nosecone module to my site

It really depends on availability. If we already have the exchange nosecone module rebuilt, it can be dispatched immediately. If it needs to be rebuilt or tailored to suit your cooling arrangement it may take a couple of days before dispatch.

We recommend clients approach us to book their planned maintenance in advance in order to guarantee availability when required.

How is a nosecone exchange different from a service exchange?

Our nosecone exchange service is a smarter and faster maintenance solution for your mining equipment. A typical service exchange generally involves changing out only one component.

Your current cooling system maintenance strategy may involve ordering multiple exchange components along with hundreds of consumable parts, possibly at staggered maintenance intervals.

A nosecone exchange is one service that changes out your entire cooling arrangement in one go, combining multiple maintenance strategies. It simplifies your cooling system maintenance, significantly reduces the labour required onsite, and shortens your shutdown durations.

A noscecone exchange also increases your equipment's availability, reduces planning and parts ordering requirements and eliminates part availability issues.

Is your nosecone exchange service available for an entire fleet?

Our nosecone exchange service can be used to maintain an entire fleet of mining trucks and dozers. We can work with you and your maintenance schedule to guarantee availability when required.

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