Our service exchange program for radiators and cooling components

Order and change out cooling components in the shortest possible time frame

The Coxons service exchange program is an innovative solution to keep your equipment and machines operating efficiently while reducing downtime. We provide exchange radiators and other cooling components ready for immediate delivery and change out.

Our service exchange program includes:

  • The largest range of exchange components available in Australia’s east coast region
  • Guaranteed components availability for planned maintenance
  • Radiators, aftercoolers, and nosecone modules ready for immediate delivery

What is a service exchange?

Our service exchange program involves swapping one cooling component for another, such as a radiator. In this case, we swap out your equipment’s current radiator for one that is fully functional. This allows your equipment to get back up and running while the old radiator is being overhauled; reducing downtime and improving efficiency for your operation.

In emergency breakdown situations we can usually dispatch an exchange component to your site immediately. We’re able to respond to these service requests promptly because we keep a huge range of exchange cooling components in stock, ready for shipment.

Benefits of our service exchange program

Our service exchange program offers considerable advantages to our clients. The program significantly reduces equipment downtime for cooling system repairs and maintenance. With less time spent on repairs, your equipment’s operating hours are extended.

Equipment downtime reduces productivity for our clients, so we provide innovative maintenance solutions to save you time. The benefits of our service exchange program include:

  • Eliminate delay risks and shorten shutdown duration’s by using exchange components
  • Extensive range of exchange radiators and aftercoolers available
  • Guaranteed availability for planned maintenance
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Transparent pricing and detailed condition reports

How our service exchange system works

We have an efficient process for meeting your needs when a machine breaks down. Here’s how we get you back on track:

  1. Client contacts Coxons. We provide an estimated quote. Client supplies a purchase order for the replacement cost of the radiator.
  2. After we’ve received the purchase order, we send the exchange unit to the client’s site.
  3. Client sends faulty radiator to us on our transport frame.
  4. Once we receive the radiator, we inspect, assess and overhaul it. We restore the radiator to quality standards, for future use by another client.
  5. We send the client a detailed condition report and a final quote for the cost of the radiator overhaul.
  6. Client sends Coxons an amended purchase order and Coxons invoices client.

Brands and models eligible for our heavy-duty radiator service exchange

We offer service exchange components for a broad range of equipment for brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr and Hitachi. And our range of exchange components is always expanding to meet the needs of our clients.

For a full list of our available exchange components, please get in touch with our expert team.

Why we offer radiator service exchange at Coxons

At Coxons, customer service is our priority. That is why we developed the service exchange program for our clients. We saw a need and we answered it with an initiative. Taking an innovative approach is the way we work at Coxons. Here’s what our managing director has to say about the way we do business in our heavy-duty radiator service exchange system:

I would say we’re the most transparent in our industry with how we communicate. We even invite people into the workshop to have a look around. When we invoice, we’ll detail every part and show the pricing. Our competitors will often just do one line price and just type it all there. They don’t show how the cost is broken up; how many hours, what parts, what price. – Cameron Heazlewood, Managing Director, Coxons

We guarantee our work with long warranties

Our warranties cover exchanges cooling components for up to 36 months from the date of your invoice. In addition, all new parts installed by Coxons come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

  • For Mesabi exchange and overhauled radiators, there is a 36-month warranty against seal leakage.
  • All other radiators have a 12-month seal leakage warranty.

This warranty applies to any components that are proven to be defective by a worker fault. We stand by our work. We offer transparent pricing and documentation, so you know what to expect from us.


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