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Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson radiators and cooling systems for agriculture

Massey Ferguson

Overhauls and cooling system repairs for Massey Ferguson radiators

Massey Ferguson is one of the world's leading brands for agricultural equipment. But for maximum efficiency and performance, it's important to have your Massey Ferguson machinery serviced and repaired.

At Coxons, we can provide expert radiator and cooling system solutions for this innovative brand in our workshops across Australia. If you require maintenance or repairs, get in touch with our technicians and we'll get your equipment back up and running with minimal downtime.

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Massey Ferguson components

Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your Massey Ferguson radiators and cooling systems, and diagnose potential problems in your equipment. We can repair and overhaul system components, using our stock of Massey Ferguson products such as oil coolers, aftercoolers, and coolants.

Models we overhaul

  • GC 1700
  • MF 2600
  • MF 3700
  • MF 4600
  • MF 4700
  • MF 5700
  • MF 5700 S
  • MF 6700
  • MF 6700 S
  • MF 7600
  • MF 7700 A
  • MF 8700 S

  • MF Ideal
  • MF 9505
  • MF WR9900
  • MF 1300
  • RK Series
  • DM Series
  • TD Series
  • MF 1840
  • MF 2370 Ultra HD
  • MF 2200
  • MF RB F
  • MF RB V
  • MF 9130
  • MF FL
  • MF TH

Products and services

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Can you send Massey Ferguson equipment to my worksite quickly?

Providing we have the correct components in stock, we can send the equipment as soon as we receive your order. For even more reliable service, become a maintenance partner with us. This way, we can make sure we have Massey Ferguson radiator parts and products ready for dispatch when necessary.

Do you use Massey Ferguson original manufacturing parts?

We source original parts and products wherever possible. We also have a range of aftermarket components available for Massey Ferguson agricultural equipment, so you can experience optimal performance output.

Our expert technicians will assess your machinery, and source the correct components. If you're unsure whether we will use OEM parts, get in touch with our team. We can talk you through our process.

Why should I choose Coxons for Massey Ferguson radiator overhauls?

We've completed radiator overhauls for a wide variety of Massey Ferguson equipment. From tractors to hay and forage machinery, our experienced technicians can efficiently restore your products so you can get back to business as usual.

What is the process for fixing Massey Ferguson equipment?

Contact us, and we'll assess your machinery. We'll ensure we have the correct parts and products in stock, before conducting system repairs. As soon as possible, we'll send your equipment back to you, and provide detailed quotes of the work completed.

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