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John Deere

John Deere radiators and cooling systems for agriculture

John Deere

John Deere radiators for diverse agricultural applications

At Coxons, we have comprehensive experience working with John Deere radiators and cooling systems. We use industry leading equipment in our workshops along the east coast of Australia, staffed by agricultural application experts.

We stock a range of John Deere parts, including oil coolers, aftercoolers, and coolants. Our aim is to overhaul or service radiators and equipment so there is minimal downtime.

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John Deere components

At Coxons, our technicians are highly adept at overhauling radiators and coolers for a wide range of John Deere equipment. From dozers and excavators to wheel loaders, we can ensure your site experiences minimal downtime while we get you back up and running to full efficiency.

Models we overhaul

  • 9370R
  • 9420R
  • 9470R
  • 9520R
  • 9570R
  • 9620R
  • 9470RT
  • 9420RX

  • 6R
  • 7R
  • 8R
  • 8RT
  • 8RX
  • 5076EN
  • 5090EN
  • 5090EH
  • 5100MH
  • 6155RH
  • 5075GV
  • 5085GV
  • 5075GN
  • 5085GN
  • 5100GN
  • 5075GF
  • 5085GF
  • 5100GF
  • 5075GL
  • 5085GL
  • 1 Series
  • 2 Series
  • 3 Series
  • 4 Series
  • 5 Series
  • 6 Series
  • 120R
  • 220R
  • 300E
  • 320R
  • 440R
  • H240
  • H310
  • H480
  • 540M
  • 603R
  • 623R
  • 643R
  • 663R
  • 673
  • 683R
  • 700M

Products and services

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How soon can you send John Deere equipment to my site?

If we have the parts and products in stock, we can dispatch the equipment straight away. And, if you become a maintenance partner with us, we can ensure we always have John Deere parts in stock when required.

Do you use John Deere radiator OEM products?

Since the beginning, we've formed working relationships with Australian and overseas suppliers so we can ensure we only use the best replacement parts and products.

Where possible, we source original components for John Deere radiators. We also have aftermarket upgrades available for radiator cores.

How will you fix my John Deere equipment?

Once our team has confirmed the components you need, we'll make sure the stock is available, and confirm the specifications needed.

We'll then deliver the exchange component or new equipment to your site, so it can be installed.

What happens to the used component?

Send the used component to one of our workshops on the east coast of Australia for an overhaul. We'll provide you with a condition report and final quote for the service, before rebuilding the component and dispatching it when you need it next.

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