Monthly Employee Spotlight with Stevie Ferguson

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’re delighted to present Stevie Ferguson, who heads up HR, People, and Culture.

Stevie leads our company-wide cultural development program and fosters an environment where our people can thrive and build happy, long careers with us. Stevie’s work is at the heart of our commitment to nurturing great talent and ensuring our team’s continuous growth.

Stevie understands that growth extends beyond expansion. At Coxons Group, we offer our people a range of training and development programs that provide them with opportunities for career progression. Stevie actively supports our people in accessing these programs, helping them explore new roles and expand their horizons within the company.

To strengthen team bonds, and recruit great people, Stevie initiated our ‘Refer a Friend Program’. The program encourages team members to refer friends or family for employment opportunities at Coxons, with rewarding incentives for successful referrals. The program’s success across our offices and workshops has brought new, amazing talent into our fold and we’ve been able to expand our team, enrich our work environment and further strengthen our growing workforce.

Stevie’s driving force is helping other team members achieve success. She genuinely cares about our people and prioritises their professional development and safety above all else. Her dedication to our team’s growth and well-being is truly commendable and we can’t wait to see what she does next! 
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