Monthly Employee Spotlight with Steph Gower

This month we are heading to our Mackay workshop to shine a spotlight on Steph Gower – our Administration Officer. ​

Steph’s journey is one of hard work and dedication to always lending a hand.​

Starting in the wash bay, Steph has taken on multiple roles across the business, progressing to a Yardperson, then into stores, and now excelling as an Administration Officer. Her movement within Coxons is driven by her personal desire for development and improvement, and her willingness to support the Mackay Branch operations. Steph has a knack for always putting her hand up to help others, involving her in almost all aspects of the business and enabling her success in various roles. When asked about her motivation to apply for the Administration Officer position, Steph said, “As I got more and more involved, I wanted to help improve some of the issues we had, and I think we’ve done that.”​

Coxons Group has supported Steph in expanding her skills and knowledge, creating meaning and purpose in her day-to-day activities. When asked what she enjoys most about her current role, she replied, “Knowing that the work I do helps the guys out on the floor,” demonstrating her embodiment of our values. Her selfless nature and willingness to assist where possible are some of Steph’s greatest strengths.​

Further to this, her extensive knowledge of Mackay’s operations has enabled her to assist in the education and training of new and existing employees. She is an invaluable asset to the branch and its success.

We are excited to see the heights Steph will reach and look forward to her continued growth in the Mackay branch.

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