Monthly Employee Spotlight with Joel Owen

This month we are heading to our Mackay workshop to shine a spotlight on Joel Owen – one of our tried and true Radiator Repairers at Coxons Mackay!​

Joels’ journey with Coxons Group began with a leap of faith, transitioning from a building background to explore his skills in a new industry. Joining us as a Workshop Assistant, Joel quickly became known for his eagerness to learn and his commitment to excellence. Today, almost 2 years later, Joel is a key member of our Mackay workshop, showcasing his expertise as a Radiator Repairer.​

Embodying Coxons values through every aspect of work, Joels outstanding work ethic hasn’t gone unnoticed. He has been recognised with both the Quarterly Values Award for Care and the Annual Performance Under Pressure Award for the Group. When asked about these accolades, Joel humbly shared, “I felt appreciated. I felt like Coxons actually takes the time to recognise what we do”.​

​Beyond his technical skills, Joel is known for fostering a positive team environment. “The team environment is really good. We all get along, which makes it a lot easier to come to work.”

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