Monthly Employee Spotlight with Andrew Hocking

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on someone who’s been rocking it in the financial corner of our business: Andrew Hocking, our go-to Financial Accountant.​

With his combo of finance know-how, practical trades experience and genuine shared values, Andrew saw Coxons Group as the perfect match to apply his skills and make a real impact.​

When we asked Andrew why he chose Coxons Group, he mentioned “Coxons came across as a very capable company. It’s a market where both employers and employees are looking for a good fit and Coxons stood out”. In addition to professional fulfilment, Andrew highlights the ample opportunities for growth and development within our organisation, “there is scope for growth, both for myself, and for the company” notes Andrew.​

Andrew underscores the supportive work culture and collaborative spirit that defines our workplace: “everyone is approachable, everything’s flexible. There are really no barriers there” remarks Andrew, “It doesn’t matter who you are in this company, everyone’s got a voice and knows they can contribute”.​

As Andrew continues to work his magic with our finances, he’s not just crunching numbers – having recently won the quarterly Values Award for Care, Andrew embodies the core values that define our organisation.  His dedication and passion are contagious, and we’re pumped to see where he takes us next.​

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