Changing The Face Of Men’s Health

A joke that started out between a group of friends who wanted to bring the moustache back into fashion, is now a world renowned fundraising movement, and the only charity tackling men’s health issues on a global scale, year round. 

Beginning in Australia in 2003, Movember focuses on addressing some of the most complex health issues faced by men, including testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental health and suicide.

As a male-dominated industry, the team at Coxons Group have enthusiastically rallied behind this important cause – from growing moustaches or coming up with their own creative challenges and events to raise money.

Jacob Jordan, our Operational Planning Manager in Brisbane, is a passionate supporter of the Movember campaign, with this year being his second year heading up the Coxons Group Australia team.  

When asked why Movember is important to Jacob, he responded “Many years ago, I had my own battle with mental health. Through all the work I put into healing, the hardest part was admitting I needed help in the first place. My push for Movember relates to the stigma attached to mental health, and the culture surrounding “it’ll be right”. I just hope I can push someone else to stand up and ask for help.”

Here at Coxons, supporting our people and community is integral to our values, and we are proud of our team members who are partaking in this year’s event.  

Funds raised allows Movember to continue to support ground-breaking medical research and important mental health interventions targeted towards men’s health. Click here for more information on the impact Movember makes globally.  Check out our before and mid-way progress!