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MAN Truck Radiators

Specialist servicing and overhaul for MAN radiators

MAN radiators increase the cooling efficiency of your engines

At Coxons, we provide servicing, repairs, and installations for your fleet of MAN trucks. Keeping a range of MAN replacement parts on hand, we can quickly and affordably service your fleet to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

As a leading supplier of MAN radiators, and with our expert technicians deep understanding of the operating conditions of your vehicles, we provide complete condition reports when servicing your trucks. Whatever cooling maintenance or overhaul you require; we deliver a high quality, cost effective and rapid solution.

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MAN truck radiators and parts

The Coxons team have great experience servicing, repairing, and recoring MAN radiators. As your local cooling specialists, we can help your truck get back to peak performance in no time. Our expert staff are qualified to perform maintenance on all MAN radiators, and all of our work meets OEM specifications.

Models we overhaul

TGM/L Range

  • TGL 12.250 4×2
  • TGM 13.290 4×4
  • TGM 15.290 4×4
  • TGM 16.290 4×2
  • TGM 18.340 4×4
  • TGM 23.290 6×2

TGM/L Range

  • TGL 12.250 4×2
  • TGM 13.290 4×4
  • TGM 15.290 4×4
  • TGM 16.290 4×2
  • TGM 18.340 4×4
  • TGM 23.290 6×2

TGX Range

  • TGX 4×2
  • TGX 6×4

TGS Range

  • TGS 6×4
  • TGS 6×6
  • TGS 8×4
  • TGS 8×4 Hi-clearance
  • TGS 8×8

ADFUSE welded radiator core

Heavy haulage trucks need to work in the hardest conditions. Coxons' ADFUSE core has been designed with radiator tubes welded to the header. This prevents heat and high stress from damaging the radiator — a common issue in OEM radiator cores.

  • Suitable for use in extreme heat or high stress
  • Significantly increases equipment lifespan
  • Improves vehicle cooling performance and efficiency
ADFUSE welded radiator core

World-leading products

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Why are MAN trusted by so many industries in Australia?

How quickly can we deliver an exchange MAN radiator to your site?

We dispatch your exchange MAN radiator immediately when it is in stock. You can ensure the necessary replacement parts for your fleet are always in stock by becoming a maintenance partner with us.

Can you increase the longevity of my Man radiator?

Yes, we can. Our experienced mechanics can significantly extend the life of your radiator and return it to 100% cooling efficiency.

To improve longevity and performance, our heavy duty radiator upgrade includes:

  • Assessing the operating conditions of your radiator.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the internal and external tubes to remove all silicate build-up.
  • Make the necessary upgrades to ensure it can last in harsh and corrosive environments.

Can you produce a custom component for a MAN radiator?

Absolutely. Our expert network of designers, engineers, and manufacturers will design and install any custom components that you require.

Why is a Coxon workshop the best place to overhaul my MAN radiator?

We’ve become the leading cooling component repair specialist because we’re dedicated to quality, reliability, and innovation. We have built an expert team of experienced technicians and an industry-leading service exchange program so we can support a wide range of industries.

With a huge range of genuine replacement parts in stock, and the ability to provide custom solutions, we can quickly and efficiently increase the performance and reliability of your MAN cooling system.

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