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Fuso radiators

Fuso truck parts, servicing, and repairs

Keep your Fuso trucks running smoothly with the right parts and service expertise

At Coxons, we provide servicing, repairs, and replacements for Fuso radiators, as well as expert advice from our qualified technicians. Get the right maintenance and restore the cooling capacity of your Fuso trucks.

Our services include radiator maintenance and upgrades, and we can also supply and install EGR coolers, charge air coolers, minesafe caps, and coolant. We have everything you need to keep your fleet running efficiently.

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Fuso trucks and equipment

Coxons technicians are highly experienced, and we support a wide range of Fuso trucks. We provide maintenance, repairs, and replacement components to suit your fleet.

Models we overhaul

  • 4x2 Range
  • 4x4 Range
  • Crew Cab Range
  • 4x2 Range
  • 4x4 Range
  • Crew Cab Range
  • FK Range
  • FM Range
  • FN Range
  • Prime movers
  • FV Range
  • FS Range
  • Rosa Bus Range
  • MP Bus Range

ADFUSE welded radiator core

At Coxons, we have developed an innovative design for upgraded radiator cores. With radiator tubes welded to the header, our ADFUSE radiator core prevents failures in the tube-header join, which is a common problem with many OEM radiator cores. The ADFUSE core increases your vehicle's lifespan and allows it to operate in harsh conditions for extended periods of time.

  • Perfect for heavy haulage, high heat, and extended use
  • Drastically improves equipment lifespan and durability
  • Increases vehicle cooling capacity and efficiency
Adfuse radiator

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How quickly can you service a Fuso radiator?

Our typically turnaround time for a Fuso radiator service is 1 to 2 days, depending on the availability of replacement components. If you become a maintenance partner with Coxons, we can guarantee the availability of the parts you need for scheduled maintenance.

Can you supply coolant for Fuso trucks?

Yes, we supply coolant which is suitable for Fuso trucks and heavy haulage conditions. Our coolant can keep up with extreme heat, harsh conditions, and extended use.

How do you do to restore cooling capacity for Fuso radiators?

We fully rebuild Fuso radiators to return them to as new condition. This ensures the cooling capacity of your vehicles is returned to 100%. We also provide you with a condition report which outlines all the works we completed.

Can you upgrade the cooling capacity of my Fuso trucks?

Yes, we can install ADFUSE welded radiator cores to upgrade the cooling capacity of your Fuso trucks. Our innovative design improves the durability and lifespan of your vehicles as well as increasing the cooling capacity.

We can also provide custom solutions by designing and building radiator core to suit your specific needs.

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