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Electro Motive Diesel

Radiator and cooling solutions for diesel-electric engines

Electro Motive Diesel

Electro Motive Diesel radiator services to keep engines running smoothly

EMD has become the leading manufacturer of diesel-electric engines. At Coxons, we are experts in maintaining and overhauling EMD locomotive cooling systems.

We can provide the rail industry with radiator and cooling systems for EMD engines, so we can keep your site running effectively, with minimal downtime.

  • Fast and efficient diesel-electric engines
  • Equipment upgrades for high performing locomotives
  • Premium engineering and parts manufacturing support

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Electro Motive Diesel heat exchange solutions for the rail industry

Within our workshops across the east coast of Australia, we provide comprehensive service and overhaul options for diesel-electric engines and locomotives.

From upgrading EMD radiator parts, to providing oil cooler and charge air cooler options, our technical expertise is second to none.

  • OEM replacement components for Electro Motive Diesel engines
  • High quality service and overhaul options for all engine types
  • Heat transfer solutions to improve durability and performance

The Coxons workshop

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Overhauling left and right bank EMD charge air coolers

Progress Rail approached our technicians with a time-critical request. We needed to overhaul and conduct thorough inspections of EMD charge air coolers in a number of locomotive engines.

Not only did we get the work done on time, our technical expertise allowed us to perform the work within budget, too.

The Coxons workshop


What is a charge air cooler?

A charge air cooler prevents an engine from overheating during harsh operating conditions. It keeps the air travelling through the engine while the engine is in operation. When a charge air cooler works well, it increases the engine's overall performance, and fuel efficiency, which is why it was so critical for our technicians to restore the EMD charge air coolers for Progress Rail.

Do you use OEM replacement parts for EMD?

We offer original manufacturing replacement parts wherever possible. We also have aftermarket upgrades available for some EMD radiators and engines.

If you're unsure which component you need, get in touch with our friendly technicians — they'll be more than happy to inspect your engine and provide comprehensive advice.

What kind of EMD locomotive engines does Coxons provide replacements for?

At Coxons, we can provide replacement parts for EMD diesel-electric locomotives, diesel engines, and heating and cooling system components. We can service:

  • Repowered locomotives
  • Passenger locomotives
  • Freight locomotives

How does Coxons perform an engine overhaul?

Our technicians will strip the assembly to its bare components, before assessing all components to see if any parts are damaged and require replacement.

Then we'll sandblast all steelwork before reassembling the parts and replacing things like:

  • Gaskets
  • O-rings
  • Mounting hardware

We'll test the unit to ensure maximum performance and paint it before dispatching it to your site.

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