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Products and services

Cooling solutions for your fleet

Products and services

Safe and reliable products to keep your fleet moving

At Coxons, we provide all the parts and maintenance services you need to keep your fleet moving. Need a radiator replacement? We supply hundreds of new automotive radiators, replace truck cores, and charge air coolers for heavy haulage vehicles.

We also stock replacement parts to facilitate the fast overhauls for mining vehicles, along with new Bar and Plate coolers, Mesabi radiators, exchange radiators, and nosecones modules.

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Nosecone exchange diagram

Nosecone exchange

Drastically reduce equipment downtime for your fleet. We'll send a fully assembled nosecone module to your site, ready for changeout.

  • Nosecone modules are available for immediate delivery, these can be tailored to your specifications
  • Nosecone modules for emergency breakdown or planned maintenance
  • A maintenance solution can be arranged to reduce equipment downtime
Learn more about nosecone exchange
Service exchange parts diagram

Service exchange

Reduce equipment downtime with exchange components shipped directly to your site, ready for changeout. We have components in stock for a huge range of equipment.

  • Exchange radiators are ready for immediate delivery
  • Guaranteed availability for planned maintenance
  • Exchange components delivered to site prior to the shutdown
Learn more about service exchange

World-leading products

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Workshop locations

Head office and workshop


Trading hours:
07 4922 2313
Mon - Fri
8am - 5pm
Workshop hours:
9-11 Monier Road
Parkhurst, QLD 4702
Mon - Fri
6am - midnight


Trading hours:
02 4966 0911
Mon - Fri
8am - 5pm
Workshop hours:
3/14-18 Kinta Drive
Beresfield, NSW 2322

International sales and support

Competitive prices
Our products are engineered to maximise equipment lifespan while being cost-effective. As an independent manufacturer, we keep our prices competitive.
Leaders in Australian mining
As leaders in Australian mining equipment, we meet stringent quality standards and safety requirements. All our products are high-quality and reliable.
Stock is ready to ship
We have high stock levels for our mining products and equipment. We can ship products worldwide within 2 business days of your order. 
Customer service and support
We provide customer service and support to international customers. If you have any questions about our products or international shipping, we can help.
Worldwide shipping 
We ship mining equipment worldwide, including the regions and countries listed below and many more.

South America: Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil
Southeast Asia and Oceania: Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, and Mali

Coxons is ISO certified 

Environment ISO 9001
Environment ISO 14001
Health & Safety OHSAS 4801
Health & Safety OHSAS 4801


Do you stock automotive radiators?

We stock hundreds of automotive radiators in all of our locations. If we don't have the one you need, we can usually get it overnight.

What are the advantages of installing minesafe caps and mansafes?

Installing these parts to your equipment will help to make your worksite more safety compliant. A minesafe cap provides a safer alternative to releasing steam while reducing the risk of scalding injuries.

Can you provide me with industrial quantities of coolant for my entire fleet?

Yes, we can. Industrial quantities of our specially formulated coolant can be ordered and delivered straight to your worksite. Large and more cost-effective sizes are available including 20L, 205L, and 1000L

How soon can you deliver new minesafe caps and coolant to my site?

We can usually dispatch your caps or coolant immediately as they nearly always kept in stock.

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