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Western Star radiators

Radiator service and maintenance for Western Star trucks

Western Star

Restore the cooling performance of your Western Star trucks

Western Star trucks used for heavy haulage need to operate for long periods of time, often in harsh conditions. At Coxons, we provide servicing, maintenance, and replacement components for Western Star radiators and cooling systems.

We can ensure your vehicles continue to operate efficiently with our huge range of Western Star truck parts, including radiators, charge air coolers, minesafe caps, and coolant. Our technicians are highly trained, and we have a great deal of experience working with both Cummins and DD engines.

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Western Star trucks and equipment

At Coxons, we can service, replace, and recore radiators for Western Star trucks as well as providing a range of other services to restore your cooling efficiency. We are qualified to work on all types of Western Star engines and our work meets OEM specifications.

Models we overhaul

  • 2800
  • 4700
  • 4800
  • 4864
  • 4900
  • 4964
  • 5800 FE
  • 5800 SS
  • 6900

ADFUSE welded radiator core

At Coxons, we have designed a radiator core which provides much greater reliability and improved cooling capacity. We weld the radiator tubes to the header to prevent a common failure with OEM radiator cores. This allows our radiators to operate effectively in extreme heat or high stress.

  • Suitable for harsh conditions and prolonged use
  • Drastically improves equipment lifespan
  • Increases cooling performance and efficiency
Adfuse radiator

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How quickly can you complete a Western Star radiator service?

Usually, a changeover can be completed in 1 to 2 days. We keep huge range of components in stock, and we can provide immediate servicing if we have your components in stock.

If you become a maintenance partner with us, we can develop a servicing schedule with you to guarantee availability when you need servicing.

Can you supply coolant for Western Star trucks?

Yes, we supply coolant which is suitable for heavy haulage Western Star trucks. Our coolant is highly effectively and is capable of maintaining cooling efficiency even with prolonged usage in the harsh Australian climate.

How do you return a Western Star radiator to 100 per cent cooling efficiency?

We overhaul and rebuild radiators for Western Star trucks, returning them to as new condition. We also provide a condition report which details all the work we have carried out for your radiator.

Can you upgrade cooling capacity for my Western Star trucks?

Yes, we can install our ADFUSE welded radiator cores for your trucks to maximise your radiator lifespan and operating capacity. We can also provide custom designed and built radiators to perfectly suit the needs of your equipment.

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